Review: Mystery Goody Goodie Bag

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It was through Lauren Conrad’s Instagram account that I discovered, a hair accessories-turned-stationary/office supply/general cute accessories shop. My first purchase included these super-cute pens and a tumbler.

bandopenstumblerI loved both purchases (although the pens don’t write that well) and have been checking the stock on their site pretty frequently. There are so many things things I want to buy that I haven’t been buying anything for fear that I’ll never stop adding their items to my cart.

But I did indulge in the shop’s mystery gift bag item, AKA the Goody Goodie bag, which was offered for a limited time for $20. The Goody Goodie bag promised lots of fun treats worth at least $50; plus, a select few who ordered the bags would receive deluxe versions, jam-packed with fun items.

I was really excited about my purchase. Would I get one of the journals I’d been coveting? A coffee cup? A headband (was secretly hoping for the Future Mrs. version)?

A few days later, the package arrived.

The good


The packaging! I opened up the box to see some lovely black and white polka dotted tissue paper, covered with colorful confetti. Cute! I can’t remember the last time I’ve got a more fun package.

Even the bag the items came in was great; it was a sleek, white shopping bag, with a red heart on the outside.

The bad


While the confetti in the box was fun, it was also a mess. It got was nearly impossible to get my actual purchase out of the box without spilling the confetti everywhere, and that was a pain to clean up.

Also, as much as I hate to admit it, the items weren’t that great. I wanted to love it, but I just… didn’t.

I got:

  • Floral headband
  • Floral hair accessory
  • Barette
  • iPhone 5 case
  • Assorted candy
  • A happy face balloon
  • Raffle tickets
  • Wristband for #GirlsPopUp, their pop-up store


The best item was the iPhone 5 case, no contest. Unfortunately, I’d recently purchased an iPhone 6, so it was unusable for me. (I ended up giving it away to a coworker.) The happy face balloon was cute, but the hair accessories seemed cheap, the kind of thing I could get at the dollar store. I mean, the headband arrived broken.

The assorted candy was the kind you can buy in a gigantic package for a buck, and the raffle tickets and wristband served no purpose other than being for “FUN!” (as someone told me when I posted a photo on Instagram asking what they were for).

Overall Rating


2 out of 5 spoonfuls of sugar

This package was fun and cute. I actually really loved the photos I took of the items, but after taking the pictures, I was left feeling severely underwhelmed. I didn’t feel like my items were worth $50; I’d guess $30, tops.

The excitement of getting a mystery bag was pretty fantastic, but I think it seemed less like a “goodie goody” bag and more like a “these items are not selling, so we need to get rid of them” bag.

That said, it was only $20, and if I had extra cash and wanted a cute pick-me-up sometime in the future, I would consider buying another. They’re fun bags, if only for the air of mystery!

Have you purchased a Goody Goodie bag? 


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