To All the Birchboxes I’ve Loved Before

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I love Birchbox. I post a photo of my box every month after I unpack it (see above and don’t judge me for the fact that some of them have poor lighting and possibly an overuse of the Nashville filter).

Unfortunately, my February 2015 box was lost in the mail (I’m convinced my mail carrier mis-delivered it, as she does all the time, and the person who got it kept it because WHY WOULDN’T YOU?). I spoke with my local post office about it and they said there was nothing they could do; I spoke to Birchbox about it and they said they’d either (1) get a replacement box in the mail to me right away, free of charge, or (2) reimburse me for the box I never received!

And so I kind of love them even more.

Truthfully, I’m probably not part of Birchbox’s target demographic. I’m not a makeup/beauty supply guru, not by any means. I buy my hair and makeup products almost exclusively from drugstores, Target, and e.l.f., even now that I’ve been exposed to the wonderful world of high-end beauty products. Occasionally I’ll order online (like for my Deva Curl hair products) or I’ll venture into Ulta.

Mostly, though, I’m cheap, and I can’t much tell the difference between a $20 or $7 mascara.

I also don’t wear much makeup, and even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t really know how or where to start. If I’m being honest, some of the time I don’t even use or try everything that comes in my monthly Birchbox.

But I still love it. Each box is an exciting, surprising little gift waiting for me around the 10th of the month! Birchbox has introduced me to the world of dry shampoos and long-lasting eyeliner and hair masks and Miss J and their incredible smelling Beauty line.

Thanks Birchbox! You’re rad.


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