Things I Bought That I Love: Dog Scarf

If a dog is involved, chances are I’m gonna love it. After getting my dog, Obi, two years ago, I’ve morphed into a Crazy Dog Lady. Like, I am convinced that any dog I see on the street is my new best friend. And there’s a chance I have said I would like to have an entire pack of dogs to love me. And maybe this day was almost the best day of my life. And, possibly, I once or twice said I wanted to get a big dog so that my Maltese can ride on that dog’s back. And I own two dog print dresses because I can.

So, when I saw this scarf while shopping in Rainbow the other day, I fell in love, and my fiance encouraged me to add it to my wardrobe because he doesn’t (always) judge me for being a Crazy Dog Lady. The little Scottish Terriers are too cute, and I can’t wait to wear this! You can get your own here.



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