Friday Favorites #8

In nail polish


Sally Hensen Miracle Gel is a God-send, guys. At least when it comes to nail polish. My friend/coworker introduced it to me and it’s my new favorite polish. I was able to get it to last a week with just a few touch-ups here and there. Can’t wait to go to CVS and nab a few more colors!



I’m kind of obsessed with emojis. My favorite is the heart emoji, which I overuse and also kind of aspire to be like. Two Christmases ago, my fiance bought me a colored pencil/watercolor set that I decided to put to use by making myself some emoji art to hang on my corkboard in my office. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s kinda cute.

In fashion


Lauren Conrad revealed photos from her newest Kohl’s collection, which is inspired by Minnie Mouse. It’s ultra twee, full of polka dots and primary colors (which I think is a step away from Lauren’s typically muted palettes). Minnie Mouse is one of my favorites, so I’m into this!

In art


I’m really loving this print from LightandDarkShop on Etsy. It combines my love of Starbucks frappuccinos with my love of floral prints.

What are your Friday favorites?



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