Office Space: Gold Edition

I’m not saying my office is the best… but it kind of is. It’s been a nice little sanctuary these last few weeks while my home life was less-than-stable. Also: let’s hope I never get sick of gold.

Here’s where you can get some of the same items I have in my office.

  • Gold Polka Dot Decals: Etsy, $10
  • Gold Mirror: Target, $24.99 (no longer available)
  • White Lamps: Target, $14.99
  • Eat Cake for Breakfast Art and Frame: Homegoods, $7.99
  • Today Is The Best Day Ever Art: Homegoods, $16.99
  • For Like Ever Art: Homegoods, $16.99
  • Treat Yo Self Art: Etsy, $24.95
  • At-Symbol Wood Carving: Etsy, $7.50
  • Hashtag Wood Carving: Etsy, $7.50
  • Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead: NBC Store, $6.99 (no longer available)
  • Ampersand Coaster: Etsy, $4.72
  • Emoji Art: Handmade
  • Gold Owl Pin: Homegoods, $4
  • Write/Edit Mug: Handmade (here’s how you can make your own)

BTW, here’s what my office looked like when I first started this job.


It’s incredible what a little decor can do.


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