Home Sweet Home

It was a long, imperfect search, but we did it: we closed on a house.

IMG_3394 IMG_3435

When the seller backed out on the first home we attempted to purchase, we were devastated. It didn’t seem possible to continue the search, let alone have to start all over again, from square one, and be out several thousand dollars. (We are still out several thousand dollars, and now we have to go to court. But that’s another story for another time.)

It felt pretty magical, then, when we visited this adorable cape on the first day of our “new” home search. We loved it instantly.

But it seemed convenient. Did we actually love this place? Or did we just think we loved it, because we were tired of looking, angry from what had just happened, and desperate to get into another house?

Bill and I almost didn’t pursue this house because we were a little worried what others might think–that they’d be convinced we were rushing into things. But when we found out the price of the home, coupled with the fact that our real estate agent knew the family who was moving, it felt kind of right. We went for it.

At the start of July, we put in an offer, and thanks to our incredible real estate agent, Ed, things seemed to go off without a hitch. We closed on the house Friday, Aug. 14. (Insert house emoji here!)


(If you’re looking for a home in the Western Massachusetts area, please let me know. I’d love to send you to Ed!)

So right now: the house is a mess. One of the walls in the living room is half painted. I’m writing while sitting on a couch cushion (no couch), using a dining room chair (no dining room table) as my desk. But life is pretty goddamn good.



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