Things I Bought That I Love: The Book Fair Nostalgia Kit

While looking up ’90s-inspired gift ideas for my cousin, I stumbled across something called “The Book Fair Nostalgia Kit.” I thought only one thing: I must have it.

It’s a collection of book-related items, including a vintage book popular in the ’80s or ’90s, meant to tap into that Scholastic Book Fair nostalgia.

And with me, the Scholastic Book Fair nostalgia is strong. Those book fairs were essentially the best part of my life as a child. First, I received the flyer, where I’d pore over all of the books, reading each description, and circling each and every book I wanted to read.

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Then I’d skim through the flyer again and reaffirm that my choices were great. They always were. By the time the book fair itself rolled around, I could barely pay attention to my classwork. The book fair was happening, people!

They’d clear out the cafeteria and set up the book fair, which I’d go to as soon as I could. I’d rush through the fair, completely forgetting about my list, grabbing more books than I could hold, and then spending a painstaking amount of time determining which ones I’d take home (while also deciding I also needed bookmarks and pens and whatever other items they might be selling).

I always walked away with an armful of books, thanks to a wonderfully generous grandma, who fully endorsed my obsessive reading habits. For me, it was heaven.

So you can see why I needed this nostalgia kit. It’s an item available from an Etsy shop called sweetandlovely, based out of Princeton, NJ. For $16, I got:

  • A pencil (mine was SCENTED and smelled like STRAWBERRIES)
  • An eraser
  • Three bookmarks (BOOKMARKS! The kind you could get at the Scholastic Book Fair!)
  • A handmade button with stickers
  • A handmade reading list booklet
  • A hand-stamped canvas carrying case
  • A vintage book (mine was The Baby-Sitter’s Club #31, “Dawn’s Wicked Stepsister”)

As someone who was clearly obsessed with those goddamn childhood book fairs, and as someone who loved the BSC as a kid, this was a total win for me. The handmade items were well crafted, the pencil was SCENTED, and the (used) book was in excellent condition. Pretty much the only downside was the fact that I couldn’t peel off the adorable “I love reading” sticker that came on the outside of the package.

Get yours here.



5 thoughts on “Things I Bought That I Love: The Book Fair Nostalgia Kit

  1. OH. EM. GEE. I AM SO ON THIS! We also used to do this other thing, RIF. Reading Is Fantastic and we actually got to pick one FREE book. I don’t think I have any of the ones I picked anymore. I remember one being Phantom of the Opera. But so I’m totally doing this. I was a BSC gal as well and also had an affinity for Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High. Thanks, Sugar Crystal.


    1. OMG! One free book?! That sounds like heaven. I looooved Sweet Valley High, too, and I was obsessed with this series called The Boxcar Children. I’m so glad you like this! Let me know if you end up ordering one, because I’d love to know what book you ended up getting. 🙂


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