January and February OOTDs

I’ve been trying to take more photos of the things I’m wearing. I’m doing great with my 366 photo challenge, but I haven’t been taking as many outfit photos as I’d hoped to do.

But here’s what I’ve gotten over the last two months!


I got this gorgeous rose gold watch from a shopping app called Wish. It was $3!


Easily my best new item is this Darth Vader scarf, a gift from my husband, Bill.


I’ve been trying out a new eyebrow look, too. They’re a bit more filled in and make me feel less insecure over how overplucked they typically look. (You can see what I mean in the previous pic.)


Oops, is that my wedding ring? How’d that get in there?


Kind of obsessed with this new shirt from Modcloth.


This is one of my best dresses! I always get lots of compliments on it. It’s from Fashion to Figure.


I’ve lost a little weight recently, and I’m super excited to fit back into this (old) dress from Forever 21. It’s my favorite pattern, possibly ever.


Mostly, it’s been cold—so I’ve been bundling up like crazy.

I’m hoping to post more outfit photos in the future, so wish me luck.



Published by Crystal Cunningham

Writer and lover of pretty things.

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