Outfits of the Week: March 7, 2016

It was a pretty great week both at home and at work. Some highlights: my Walt Disney World MagicBands arrived (!!); I bought three new pairs of cute flats; I bought some adorable pins (see my post on Monday for details!); my parents visited and helped my husband and I install all new light fixtures in the house; my husband and I won a court case (against an evil woman who breached a home contract with us); we got tickets to see Neil Degrasse Tyson; and the weather was beautiful.

So, yeah. Good week. Here’s what I wore.


Outfit details

  • Dress: Fashion to Figure
  • Tights: We Love Colors
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Cardigan: Old Navy



Sudoku dress?! Yes, please. I’ve had this for well over a year, but haven’t worn it in quite some time. (It was a bit too snug for a while.) It fits again, so I get to wear it and bask in all its hipster quirkiness.

Outfit details

  • Dress: Modcloth
  • Tights: We Love Colors
  • Boots: Payless
  • Cardigan: Old Navy


I definitely had some spring fever on Wednesday. It was almost 70 degrees and I got to go without leggings for the first time this year. Yesssss!

Oh, yeah, and I took some more fantastic Snapchat photos.




Outfit details

  • Dress: Fashion to Figure
  • Cardigan: Old Navy
  • Shoes: Payless

I’m realizing I get all of my clothes from the same places. Perhaps I should branch out?


My outfit had to be a little serious on Thursday because of the whole going-to-court thing. It was also rainy, so I went with mostly black. I should’ve worn some color, though, because we won our case and it made me want to celebrate!

Outfit details

  • Blazer: Torrid
  • V-neck top: Old Navy
  • Tank top: Old Navy
  • Pants: TJ Maxx
  • Shoes: Payless



I was super excited to finally wear my kitty watch to work. I made horrible jokes like, “It’s cat-o-clock!” because I am so lame.

Outfit details

  • Dress: Fashion to Figure
  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Leggings: Target
  • Shoes: Payless—they’re brand new and so comfy!
  • Watch: Wish

Hope you had a good week, too!


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