Friday Favorites #15

Some of my favorites from this week!



I’m all about a nice bouquet of flowers for no reason at all. These beautiful flowers really spruced up the living room and helped make me feel like spring was here (even though is snowed this week).

New England

I usually love New England best in the fall, my favorite season. But on Tuesday, I appreciated it because it could take us from dreary winter morning to beautiful spring morning in the course of just a few hours. Doesn’t get better than that.



I’ve been waxing poetic about social media and I ain’t gonna quit just yet. This week, at work, I helped launch our brand on a new platform—Snapchat! It’s been so much fun learning, researching, and exploring something new. I’ve been looking into tons of best practices, seeing what other colleges/universities are up to, and (best of all) getting to brainstorm some ideas to try. Plus, I LOVE THAT LITTLE GHOST.

What were some of your favorite things this week?


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