5 Things I Learned About Lauren Conrad at Her Book Signing

I met Lauren Conrad on March 30 at her signing at R.J. Julia in Madison, Conn., for her latest book, “Celebrate.” I’ve been a huge fan of Lauren since high school. I’ve seen every episode of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” multiple times and I own all of her books. (Her series, L.A. Candy, is totally underrated and spilled some very juicy gossip about the filming of “The Hills”!)

I highly recommend her other books, “Style” and “Beauty” (the first of which is my favorite), and I’m excited to really dig in to her latest book, which offers advice for being the perfect hostess no matter the occasion.

Here’s what I learned about the lovely LC at her book signing.

1. She is stunning.

Truth: I’ve never seen a bad photo of Lauren Conrad. She is so pretty and, in person, she’s somehow even prettier.

2. She is kind.

I won’t lie: it took about three hours of waiting before I could meet Lauren. And that was because she insisted on talking to each person and posing for individual photos, in addition to personally addressing each person’s book. According to the clerks at R.J. Julia (a very cute independent bookstore that often plays host to these celebrity book signings), this is kind of unusual. I really appreciated it, though.

3. Her cateye makeup is FLAWLESS.

To die for, really.

4. She’s still figuring out that whole Snapchat thing.

I tried to think of something clever to say when I got up to meet Lauren, but I blanked and ended up blurting out that I was “obsessed” with the fact that she recently joined Snapchat. It probably has a little something to do with the fact that I myself only recently discovered Snapchat, too. To that, she mentioned that she…

  • Was still figuring out the best ways to use Snapchat
  • Wasn’t sure if she was really a fan because it required her to really focus on her phone and instead of being in the moment (a sentiment I could appreciate)
  • Felt Snapchat was a “young kids'” scene
  • Wasn’t sure she’d stick around on it

And then she thanked me for the compliment. And I died.

5. She’s tiny.

I don’t know why I feel compelled to share this, but I do. She was so much tinier than I thought she’d be. Not that I thought she’d be tiny at all? And I guess that’s why it surprised me. I got up to her and thought, “I could probably pick her up and carry her out of here right now and not even break a sweat,” which was a very weird thought that I’m now embarrassed about. But it is what it is.




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