Celebrating One Year of Marriage

When I was a teenager, I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever be in a relationship. I didn’t think I was lovable. I never believed someone would be able to see me—to look at me, flaws and all, and tell me they loved me.

And yet, here I am. Ten years with an incredible man, one year married. I’d consider myself pretty lucky.

Bill and I decided to celebrate our anniversary at the same beach where we got married last year. It was a perfectly blissful three days full of sandy beaches and adventures and sunshine and delicious seafood and ice cream, OBVIOUSLY.

We visited Hole in the Wall Beach; Rocky Neck State Park; McCook’s Point; antique shops; Old Mysticke Village; Gillette Castle. We tried lobster for the first time. We had fun doing whatever we wanted and relaxing (even though we missed our dog, Obi, who joined us at Wickham Park in Manchester, Conn., after we picked him up from Grandma’s).

And, now I’m plotting ways to spend every day at the beach. Let me know if you have any suggestions for how to make that happen.


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