Things I Bought That I Love: Polly Pocket Pins

When I was little, I loved Polly Pocket. I had a bunch of the teeny, tiny dolls, as well as the houses they came with. One of my favorites was a castle that actually lit up. (I think I spent more time turning that light on and off than I did actually playing with it.)

And, while these pins don’t come with a castle that lights up, they’re pretty damn cute.

Get your own here. (They’re currently sold out, but you get them on the next pre-order!)


4 thoughts on “Things I Bought That I Love: Polly Pocket Pins

  1. I had the castle too!!! And I had a little pink heart that was just her little home with the white picket fence and a dog and a cat. And then I had the classroom where the teacher’s desk was an ink pad and the students’ desks were stamps. Ugh. I miss old school Polly Pocket. These new ones suck.


    1. The castle was honestly one of the best ones! I ALSO HAD THE PINK HEART. Oh my gosh that just took me back. I never had the classroom one, but I had one that looked like a diner maybe (?) and let you store your brush in it. Hahah. I miss Polly Pocket so much!


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