Outfits of the Month: August

I did it. I tried a romper.

And, I didn’t hate it. I actually thought it was kind of cute!


I wore it to a morning at Starbucks working on some writing (cliche), but I felt cute and kind of adventurous in it, especially after months of admiring rompers on other women and secretly coveting one of my own.

Outfit details

  • Romper: Forever 21
  • Shoes (not pictured): Old Navy


Me, excited about the romper situation!


Outfit details

  • Dress: Fashion to Figure
  • Shoes: DSW


Umm, how amazing are these galaxy leggings? These are another item I’ve been coveting forever, but I would never find any that both fit me and were affordable. I found these totally by mistake on a random trip to Walmart. They cost $3.

Outfit details

  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Leggings: Walmart


I’m obsessed with these wrap dresses from Forever 21. I got it both in olive, and in red (see below). They’re comfortable and chic and my new favorite dresses.


Outfit details (for both)

  • Dress: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Payless

Just bought three more dresses from F21 since I’ve had such good luck with them lately. #treatyoself

Fingers crossed that I’ll take some more outfit pics in September than I did in August!


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