Things I Wore (and Did) in September 2018

Work has been intense. September was my first month where the semester was in session and I was in my new role managing all of the social channels for the institution where I work. One week, I put in so many extra hours that I worked three full extra days. It’s been a lot, but really rewarding! For the first time in my career, I’m getting paid to do one thing well. I mean, managing every aspect social media for a large brand is hard work, but that’s always sort of been a thing I’ve had to do on top of a lot of other duties. Now I get to just focus on that and I love it!

What’s helped keep me sane from all of the hours I’ve been working has been all of the fun Bill and I have been having in our down time. We had lots of mini adventures in September — everything from exploring a new winery to going apple and pumpkin picking; venturing to the new casino in town to a quick day trip to Brattleboro, Vt.; spending time with friends to supporting the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 sisters.

Plus, the leaves have been changing (!) and we’ve been embracing our favorite season (!!) and we booked our next vacation: DISNEY WORLD AT HALLOWEEN. I’m over-the-moon excited!

Here are some of the outfits I wore during the warmer-than-I’d-like September.


Outfit details

  • Dress: Fashion to Figure
  • Leggings: Old Navy
  • Cardigan: Old Navy
  • Shoes: Payless


A new look I feel great in!

Outfit details

  • Kimoni: LuLaRoe
  • Jeans: Old Navy
  • Shoes: Tieks
  • Tank: Old Navy


Outfit details

  • Shirt: Ross
  • Skirt: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Tieks


I was REALLY FEELING this fall look — the first boot opportunity of the season!

Outfit details

  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Jeans: Old Navy
  • Boots: DSW


Outfit details

  • Dress: Vanity Fair (only $8 — such a steal!)
  • Tights:
  • Boots: Payless?
  • Earrings: 25 Central


Outfit details

  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Leggings: Kohl’s
  • Boots: DSW



Not a full outfit pic, but I just wanted to show off this amazing Lion King sports bra (which looks like an undershirt!).

Outfit details

  • Sports bra: Hot Topic
  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Leggings (not pictured): Old Navy
  • Shoes: Tieks

Plus, here’s a look into what I did in September.

With the craziness of September behind me, I cannot wait for the rest of October. Hamilton (!) and Disney World (!!) — here we come!


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