10 Spring Fashions for Plus-Size Women

I’m loving this warmer weather in New England. Spring is my favorite time for fashion because the colors are always wonderful, I love florals, and it’s finally time to wear dresses without leggings or tights! Here are some of my favorite ways to “wear” spring (inspired by this post). #1 – Beg Your Garden Skirt,Continue reading “10 Spring Fashions for Plus-Size Women”

9 of My Favorite Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

My first foray into fat fashion was through the Livejournal community Fatshionista several years ago. It was there that I started to see fat girls like me share their outfits through OOTD (outfit of the day) photos. They were beautiful, and they all loved fashion. The community encompassed a lot of things, especially when it wasContinue reading “9 of My Favorite Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers”

Things I Bought That I Love: Dog Scarf

If a dog is involved, chances are I’m gonna love it. After getting my dog, Obi, two years ago, I’ve morphed into a Crazy Dog Lady. Like, I am convinced that any dog I see on the street is my new best friend. And there’s a chance I have said I would like to have an entireContinue reading “Things I Bought That I Love: Dog Scarf”

Review: Miss A Jewelry

Miss A is an accessory shop, particularly specializing in jewelry, where almost everything is $1. Seriously. From their earrings to their necklaces, bracelets to hair accessories, most of the items sold on Miss A will run you just $1 each. Of course, there are a few things that are slightly more expensive — their charm shop,Continue reading “Review: Miss A Jewelry”

Things I Bought That I Love: Gloves

It’s been a rough winter, and my old mittens were proof of that. They were cheap, $7 knitted mittens from Old Navy that had started unraveling sometime near the second snow storm this season. As someone who’s notoriously cheap, I had trouble making the plunge and spending more than a couple of bucks on gloves…Continue reading “Things I Bought That I Love: Gloves”

6 Pretty Instagram Accounts to Follow

I really love Instagram, and while I use it to stalk some of my favorite celebrities and to see what my friends are up to, I also love following accounts that are just plain pretty to look at. These are the accounts that I can always count on to post something lovely. #1 – @shopbando I discoveredContinue reading “6 Pretty Instagram Accounts to Follow”

15 Basic Wardrobe Essentials

Over on Positively Smitten, I wrote a post this week about the 15 pieces I think every wardrobe should have. Whether you’re just building your closet, looking for statement pieces to improve your style, or you just need a little fashion inspiration, these 15 items—a cardigan, a Little Black Dress, a scarf, a lovely bag amongContinue reading “15 Basic Wardrobe Essentials”

5 Affordable Watches I’m Loving Right Now

Watches are back, and in a big way. I used to opt not to wear a watch, but I’ve been loving the boyfriend-inspired watches that have been coming out lately and I want to get in on the trend. Also, sometimes when I’m not wearing a watch, I’m reminded of the moment on “The Hills”Continue reading “5 Affordable Watches I’m Loving Right Now”