Posting on Snapchat for a Living

Okay, so I don’t exactly post on Snapchat for a living. But, that is part of my job—and I’m excited to share that an article I wrote about Snapchat was published by Higher Ed Experts! The article provides tips for other social media managers, like me, who may want to launch a Snapchat account forContinue reading “Posting on Snapchat for a Living”

Outfits of July 2016

July has been a busy month so far. My husband and I have been keeping busy each weekend with things to do. We’re actively trying to make the most of our time by getting out and doing more (at least when we feel like it!). We’ve recently taken a day trip to the beach; saw “Ghostbusters” (whichContinue reading “Outfits of July 2016”

Things I Bought That I Love: Polly Pocket Pins

When I was little, I loved Polly Pocket. I had a bunch of the teeny, tiny dolls, as well as the houses they came with. One of my favorites was a castle that actually lit up. (I think I spent more time turning that light on and off than I did actually playing with it.) And,Continue reading “Things I Bought That I Love: Polly Pocket Pins”

A Gorgeous Sliding Barn Door for Our Home

My dad is a really talented person. He recently renovated both of the bathrooms in my parents’ home, one of which included a sliding barn door. It was gorgeous, and I gushed about it so much he and my mom offered to make one for my house, too. They delivered the handcrafted door to our homeContinue reading “A Gorgeous Sliding Barn Door for Our Home”

Things I Bought That I Love: Disney and Universal Studios Edition

I had an amazing time in Orlando, Fla., last week at Disney and Universal Studios. Here are some of the great things I bought, starting with the incredible Mickey Mouse tiara (above). We also nabbed this amazing-and-totally-impractical, Han-Solo-in-carbonite popcorn holder. And I got these earrings! Some items from Universal (more specifically, Diagon Alley in the WizardingContinue reading “Things I Bought That I Love: Disney and Universal Studios Edition”

Things I Bought That I Loved: CowCow Cupcake Dress

I fucked up. I found a new dress company that makes cheap but adorable printed dresses. And printed dresses are my goddamn weakness. CowCow sells the best, affordable dresses on And I need them all. I started with one—this cupcake dress—but I literally have about 20 dresses sitting in my cart right now. I’mContinue reading “Things I Bought That I Loved: CowCow Cupcake Dress”

Friday Favorites #16

A few things I’m loving this week! Ivy Park Because I’m into all things Beyonce, it’s only natural that I’d love Beyonce’s upcoming athletic clothing line, Ivy Park. I need everything in it ASAP. Can't wait to splurge on a wardrobe made of items from Beyonce's new athletic clothing line, Ivy Park, so I canContinue reading “Friday Favorites #16”

Things I Bought That I Love: Luke’s Diner Sign

I’m obsessed with “Gilmore Girls.” There’s no other way to say it. I could probably rewatch the series from now until the end of time and not be sick of it. And Luke. Backwards-cap-wearing, lumberjack-esque, good-with-his-hands-and-in-the-kitchen Luke. Sigh. But I digress. I love “Gilmore Girls” so much that I’ve gotten my husband into it and we’reContinue reading “Things I Bought That I Love: Luke’s Diner Sign”

Friday Favorites #15

Some of my favorites from this week! Flowers I’m all about a nice bouquet of flowers for no reason at all. These beautiful flowers really spruced up the living room and helped make me feel like spring was here (even though is snowed this week). New England I usually love New England best in the fall,Continue reading “Friday Favorites #15”