3 Free Apps to Improve Your Instagram Photos

Instagram and Twitter are my two favorite social media platforms. The more I’ve used Instagram, the more I’ve realized there’s an art to the best photos showing up in my feed. Many popular bloggers and Instagrammers tend to put a lot of effort into taking great pictures for their followers. They work hard on creating an interesting composition;Continue reading “3 Free Apps to Improve Your Instagram Photos”

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

I wrote a super-easy tutorial for making your own Sharpie mugs, over at Positively Smitten! I included lots of tips I’ve collected from reading various Pinterest tutorials over the years. These tips are tried and true. You can make your own Sharpie mugs for the holiday season, as a gift for a special occasion, orContinue reading “DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial”

DIY Long Necklace Tutorial

I’ve been waiting for my chance to turn an old pearl necklace into a pearl necklace accentuated with a ribbon for quite some time. One of the first pins I ever saw was this: And I was immediately like, “Yes, self, you need to do that.” For whatever reason, I never did, until I recently,Continue reading “DIY Long Necklace Tutorial”

The DIY Sugar Scrub Pinterest Pin That Failed Me

This was supposed to be a post about how wonderful DIY Sugar Scrubs are. It was supposed to show off my DIY prowess. It was supposed to be a super Pinterest-friendly article that I secretly hoped others would share. It was supposed to be a cute-if-somewhat-cheesy post that would play on the fact that theContinue reading “The DIY Sugar Scrub Pinterest Pin That Failed Me”

Review: Ban.do Mystery Goody Goodie Bag

It was through Lauren Conrad’s Instagram account that I discovered Ban.do, a hair accessories-turned-stationary/office supply/general cute accessories shop. My first purchase included these super-cute pens and a tumbler. I loved both purchases (although the pens don’t write that well) and have been checking the stock on their site pretty frequently. There are so many things things I wantContinue reading “Review: Ban.do Mystery Goody Goodie Bag”

100 Years of Beauty Video

I appreciate retro fashion statements, but I hate when women of color are excluded. This video provides a peek into hairstyles that women have worn throughout the decades, starting with 1910. I appreciate that these looks are appropriate for women with different types of hair, too! My favorite featured looks are from the 1940s, 1960s, and (of course)Continue reading “100 Years of Beauty Video”