Things I Wore (and Did) in August 2018

Things have been interesting — a mix of good, bad, and stuff in between. At work, August was one of the busiest months I’ve had as it led right up to move-in weekend (arguably the most hectic weekend of the year for marketers in higher ed!). At home, Bill and I have done a little bit of travel, but we’ve been working really hard to get our finances in order — and KNOCK ON WOOD it’s working. Yay!

In August, in between all of the work (and there was a lot), I had lots of fun. Bill and I went to see Queen Bey and Jay’s On the Run II show, which was incredible. We’ll ignore the fact that we were stuck in traffic to and from the venue and that we missed our beloved Chloe x Halle’s performance because of it, but the show itself was everything. Obviously. It’s Beyoncé! (And Jay Z.)

We also visited Cape Cod for the first time, spending a weekend in Provincetown and Wellfleet, both of which we loved. Originally, we booked the trip because we had tickets to see our favorite drag queen, Trixie Mattel, perform her stand-up show. Unfortunately, Trixie cancelled on a few shows, including ours. We’d already booked the hotel, though, so we just enjoyed ourselves in the Cape. It was so much fun! It was raining when we arrived but held off for the rest of the weekend so we could explore the area. We especially loved the Cape Cod National Seashore (the views were beautiful) and everything about P-Town. We’d love to go back.

The next weekend, my cousin, Adam, got married and we had so much fun at the wedding. It was great for Bill and I to spend time with my close family and let loose. I also think Bill liked watching me get super drunk and dance terribly and now he has video evidence which he can blackmail me with until the end of time! Also in August, Bill and I visited the Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival, a staple of our respective childhoods (we both grew up in the same time) but an event we hadn’t been to in years. It was a blast and great to be back in our old stomping grounds.

Here’s a look at some of the outfits I wore throughout the month!


Outfit details

  • Dress: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Payless


My Beyoncé outfit! It was 90 degrees out in the evening and I wanted to look cute without dying from the heat.



Outfit details

  • Body suit: Rainbow
  • Shorts: Rainbow
  • Shoes: Amazon
  • Earrings: (not a joke!)


Outfit details

  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Shorts: Rainbow
  • Shoes: Converse


Outfit details

  • Dress: Fashion to Figure (when it was still really good!)
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Giant-ass ring: Norwegian Cruise Line


Outfit details

  • Dress: Faces
  • Shoes: Amazon


Outfit details

  • Dress: LuLaRoe
  • Shoes: Payless


Outfit details

  • Shirt: 25 Central
  • Skirt: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Payless

Here’s what I did through photos.


All in all, a good month and now I’m OVER-THE-MOON that it’s September. Fall is my time, y’all. Bring on the pumpkin spice!


Things I Did (and Wore) in April 2018

I’m happy. I’ve been feeling like I’m at a great place in my life—with my husband and my dog, of course, who are my lights—but with everything else, too: work, friends, family, me. Things just feel good and I’m trying to savor that feeling. My therapist has been trying to help me be more positive (Lizandra, you’d be so proud) and I feel like it’s been working. Maybe it’s the sunshine or maybe it’s just that life can just be pretty great sometimes. All I know is I want to bask in this.

That said, I haven’t been taking as many outfit photos lately, especially as I’ve been working hard to get my spending under control (thus, less new clothes to show off). But I did nab a couple of photos!

Here are some of the things I wore in April.


I really like this dress, which is a great combination of loose and cute and also it has pockets which you all know that I love.

Outfit details

  • Dress: 25 Central
  • Leggings: Old Navy
  • Boots: DSW


It took me a while to wear this outfit as I feel like it’s the most I’ve ever shown off my belly. Let’s be real: I’m fat, and my polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) makes it so that I tend to carry my weight right in my stomach. So, it took me a long time of staring at this dress (a gift from my mom) in my closet before I finally gained the courage to wear it out.

I wore it.

And nothing bad happened!

I even felt pretty good in it. I am always seeing these amazing plus-size beauties on Instagram showing off their belly, so why not me? It may not be an all-the-time thing for me, but I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body. It’s taken me nearly 30 years to realize that, and I definitely still struggle (especially with feelings about my upper arms and back), but I’m working on it.

Outfit details

  • Dress: LuLaRoe (thanks, ma!)
  • Tights:
  • Boots: DSW
  • Cardigan: Forever 21


Okay, so, this isn’t a typical “what I wore” photo, but I did wear this makeup, and I loved it. I never wear lipstick, but I think I could! On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided to toy around with some of the makeup that’s been piling up in my vanity (a combination of Ipsy gems and my impulse purchases).

Surprisingly, I loved this red matte lip.

Then I decided to venture even further out of the box and go for a red glitter lip, because why not?


Makeup details

Plus, here are things I did in April, which included:

  • Savoring every magnificent moment of Beychella (and then obsessing over it, talking about it, thinking about it, listening to other people analyze it, and loving it all over again)
  • Listening to new music, including the Cardi B and Chloe x Halle albums
  • Finally meeting up with April, my longtime Tumblr/Twitter friend, as she visited Brown in Providence (I love the internet! Thanks for bringing me such great friends!)
  • Finished a lovely, wonderful project at work called “Building Bridges”, which was aimed at bringing people together across their differences and celebrate the diversity in this big, beautiful world
  • Took advantage of the first nice day in April with my husband and visited our favorite winery
  • Had dinner with Bill and two wonderful (new to me, old to him!) friends
  • Spent some quality time with my friends and their hilarious, adorable kids
  • Ate some pie because of some good work news (which I can share soon!)
  • Petted dogs at work because of course
  • Tried to go to People’s Court (yes, the TV show), failed, and turned the day around by stopping by Milkcraft for some incredible ice cream


A great April and I’m ready for May, an upcoming vacation, and turning 30!