What I Did (and Wore) in April 2019

Let’s be honest: the last few months have been wrapped up in All Things Baby. Even before I got pregnant, I told myself I wouldn’t let myself get so wrapped up in having a baby and becoming a mom that I’d forget about myself, my hobbies, and my life.

Though I haven’t done anything of those things, I did slightly underestimate just how much time goes into getting ready to have a baby. There’s a lot to do to get ready and I worried I’d hate it or feel like it didn’t fit in with my life at all or that it would be hard, but the transition has felt surprisingly… right.

As a natural planner (and overanalyzer, overthinker, etc.), I’ve liked making lists and having concrete things to work on as Bill and I have prepared to welcome a baby into our lives. But I guess I hadn’t realized how much things have shifted until I’ve looked back on what I’ve been up to and realized that much of it was centered around this new little life.

Bill and I have had lots of conversations together about how we want to make sure that we maintain our identities, both as individuals and as a couple, even after we add a new person into our family. We’re so excited to meet her, but also don’t want to completely change the life we were already really, really happy in. I can already feel the collective eyerolls from some parents: “Well, just you wait!” But we’re trying to look at having a baby not as something that will change everything about the life that we had before, but as something that will make the amazing life we already had even better, richer, and fuller in ways we hadn’t imagined before.

Obviously a lot of our time will be focused on that little thing called “raising a child.”

But it’s also important to us that we exist as people outside of our parental identities. I think that’s important not just for our sanity, but for hers, too. She should have two fully realized people as parents, who have interests and hobbies and friends and full, robust lives so she can determine what she’d like her full life to look like, too.

It’ll be an interesting balance as we forge ahead.

Especially when April was a month where our activities were pretty heavily baby-focused:

  • Took a “babymoon” to NYC
  • Buying myself a “push present” (AKA just spending money on myself) in the form of a beautiful new Nikon camera
  • Teaching myself to use said beautiful new Nikon camera
  • Feeling baby move regularly for the first times and capturing it on video
  • Taking some new headshots for my author life 
  • Getting a fresh new haircut
  • Desperately trying to teach myself how to do a salon blowout at home—and failing
  • Setting up the nursery
  • Savoring Beychella AGAIN with the release of the Homecoming documentary (love you, Bey)
  • Working a lot
  • Celebrating baby with a baby shower! 

The babymoon ended up being a blast. With me in my third trimester, we didn’t want to venture too far, but we also wanted to have a nice little weekend where we could focus on the two of us and get away from all things baby. (Sorry, boo thang.) We settled on New York City because I really wanted to take a trip down memory lane at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The story goes like this: Bill and I were friends before we dated. Senior year of high school, we shared a mutual friend, an English class, a gym class, and an art class. In art class, senior students traditionally took a field trip to NYC to check out some of the museums there, so sometime in the spring, he and I were part of the group of students who traveled up to the city. We found ourselves at the Met, where we were given an assignment (pick a piece of art to write something about), and we eventually ended up exploring part of the museum together.

I still remember what I was wearing—a white tank top, a pink stripe shrug that tied around my waist, some jeans. It was chilly inside the Met. I made a comment as such. He offered me his jacket.

I like to say, “And the rest is history,” but the truth is this: I turned him down on wearing the jacket, but I feel like a little piece of my heart opened up that day to the possibility that, hey, this cute guy might like me.

At some point, he asked me to hang out with him and his friends and go see a movie (Mission Impossible 3, in case you were wondering) and we had a really, really fun time. So, I got brave, too, and invited him to my birthday party, where we spent quite a bit of time chatting that night and having a good time.

Days later, with our senior year winding to a close, we swapped yearbooks. I wrote a totally boring, run-of-the-mill, “stay sweet” over the summer kind of message, but when he handed me my yearbook back, he told me not to read it right away.

When I worked up the courage to check out his passage, it turned out there wasn’t a message at all, but lyrics to a song by my then-favorite artist John Mayer:

Your phone was really broken
I tried your number twice
And if you need confirmation, baby I understand
It’s alright if you want me to…

The next line, left unwritten: Tell you you got my only heart.


And then, over AOL Instant Messenger, Bill asked me if I’d ever seen the movie Hustle and Flow. When I said no, he asked if I’d like to see it. I said yes. We set up a date for June 17—which is now our wedding anniversary, too, and could also be the day when we said hello to our little coconut. (My due date is June 19.)

So, yeah, it was nice to be nostalgic and take that trip down memory lane at the Met, even all pregnant and swollen as I was.

We also spent our baby moon with stops at the American Museum of Natural History, Hayden Planetarium, Levain Bakery, and Shake Shack (obviously). It was a really nice weekend.

As for some of the things that I wore, you’ll notice I started taking less body photos as my body has grown to accommodate the baby bump.

Sigh. Obviously part of that is feeling uncomfortable in this New Body.

And part of that reason is because I’m in the same 5-10 outfits over and over again because that’s all that fits!

We do what we can. 😉



Outfit details

  • Scarf: Payless (I think?)
  • Tank tops: Old Navy
  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory
  • Shoes: Nike


Outfit details

  • Tank top: Old Navy
  • Cardigan: Old Navy
  • Purse: Marshall’s
  • Necklace: 25 Central
  • Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory
  • Shoes: Nike


Outfit details

  • Dress: LuLaRoe
  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Payless


Outfit details

  • Dress: 25 Central
  • Shoes: Payless
  • THAT. HAIR. THAT. BLOWOUT: Ochoa Salon in East Longmeadow


Outfit details

  • Dress: Old Navy
  • Hair: Ochoa Salon


Office Space: Gold Edition

I’m not saying my office is the best… but it kind of is. It’s been a nice little sanctuary these last few weeks while my home life was less-than-stable. Also: let’s hope I never get sick of gold.

Here’s where you can get some of the same items I have in my office.

  • Gold Polka Dot Decals: Etsy, $10
  • Gold Mirror: Target, $24.99 (no longer available)
  • White Lamps: Target, $14.99
  • Eat Cake for Breakfast Art and Frame: Homegoods, $7.99
  • Today Is The Best Day Ever Art: Homegoods, $16.99
  • For Like Ever Art: Homegoods, $16.99
  • Treat Yo Self Art: Etsy, $24.95
  • At-Symbol Wood Carving: Etsy, $7.50
  • Hashtag Wood Carving: Etsy, $7.50
  • Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead: NBC Store, $6.99 (no longer available)
  • Ampersand Coaster: Etsy, $4.72
  • Emoji Art: Handmade
  • Gold Owl Pin: Homegoods, $4
  • Write/Edit Mug: Handmade (here’s how you can make your own)

BTW, here’s what my office looked like when I first started this job.


It’s incredible what a little decor can do.


Friday Favorites #9

In blogs


I’ve found my new favorite blog: Delicious Designs. It combines two of my favorite things—food and home decor—in a highly visual blog. Since I’m in the market for a new house, I’m loving all of the home decor inspiration. The food is a nice touch, too.

In ladies


Tell me this isn’t the most badass picture you’ve seen of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, feminist hero!

In art

3This print, designed by Courtney Myers, is to-die-for cute.



I’m oddly attracted to this mirror. But when I found out it was created for only $19 and that it was made entirely from compacts from the Dollar Tree, I loved it even more.

What are your Friday faves?



Friday Favorites #8

In nail polish


Sally Hensen Miracle Gel is a God-send, guys. At least when it comes to nail polish. My friend/coworker introduced it to me and it’s my new favorite polish. I was able to get it to last a week with just a few touch-ups here and there. Can’t wait to go to CVS and nab a few more colors!



I’m kind of obsessed with emojis. My favorite is the heart emoji, which I overuse and also kind of aspire to be like. Two Christmases ago, my fiance bought me a colored pencil/watercolor set that I decided to put to use by making myself some emoji art to hang on my corkboard in my office. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s kinda cute.

In fashion


Lauren Conrad revealed photos from her newest Kohl’s collection, which is inspired by Minnie Mouse. It’s ultra twee, full of polka dots and primary colors (which I think is a step away from Lauren’s typically muted palettes). Minnie Mouse is one of my favorites, so I’m into this!

In art


I’m really loving this print from LightandDarkShop on Etsy. It combines my love of Starbucks frappuccinos with my love of floral prints.

What are your Friday favorites?



Things I Bought That I Love: Treat Yo Self Gold Foil Print

I haven’t had time for much lately, but I’ve had some time to shop because apparently that’s what I do. A few weeks ago, I tweeted about possibly buying a gold foil print that said “treat yo self,” since that is my mantra. (Thanks, Parks and Rec!)

Because my office has a gold theme, I thought the print would fit in well! The only problem? I knew what I wanted, but not where to get it. So I did a lot of searching on Etsy and settled on Paper Tie Affair.

Although 8×10 the print was a little pricier than I’d have liked at $24.95, it was handmade and they used real gold foil (something many of the other Etsy stores I saw didn’t do). Plus, they offered excellent customization options. Not only was I able to choose what I wanted the print to say, but they also let me select the font. The final result was great! The packaging was adorable, it was delivered with a handwritten note, and the item is now proudly hanging from my office wall. Get your very own right here.



Friday Favorites #7

In television


My fiance and I have been looking at houses, so I’m now obsessed with watching HGTV. I never knew what I was missing out on before, but I lovelovelove “Fixer Upper.” Joanna and Chris Gaines are a married couple who help other couples buy houses that could use a little TLC, then turn it into something magical. Joanna has an incredible eye for design, and they’re a pretty adorable couple!

In decor


Gold foil prints all day, every day, please.

In music

This song is incredible. I’m obsessed with Janelle Monae, and her new song “Yoga” is everything.

In art

True. #art #burgers
True. #art #burgers

I went to a delicious burger bar in Springfield, Mass., recently and they had this art on the wall. It’s exactly how I feel about burgers.

What are your Friday favorites?



DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

I wrote a super-easy tutorial for making your own Sharpie mugs, over at Positively Smitten! I included lots of tips I’ve collected from reading various Pinterest tutorials over the years. These tips are tried and true. You can make your own Sharpie mugs for the holiday season, as a gift for a special occasion, or even for yourself! Check it out by clicking the link above, or the photo below. And don’t forget to pin!