What I Did (and Wore) in April 2019

Let’s be honest: the last few months have been wrapped up in All Things Baby. Even before I got pregnant, I told myself I wouldn’t let myself get so wrapped up in having a baby and becoming a mom that I’d forget about myself, my hobbies, and my life. Though I haven’t done anything ofContinue reading “What I Did (and Wore) in April 2019”

Office Space: Gold Edition

I’m not saying my office is the best… but it kind of is. It’s been a nice little sanctuary these last few weeks while my home life was less-than-stable. Also: let’s hope I never get sick of gold. Here’s where you can get some of the same items I have in my office. Gold Polka Dot Decals:Continue reading “Office Space: Gold Edition”

Friday Favorites #9

In blogs I’ve found my new favorite blog: Delicious Designs. It combines two of my favorite things—food and home decor—in a highly visual blog. Since I’m in the market for a new house, I’m loving all of the home decor inspiration. The food is a nice touch, too. In ladies Tell me this isn’t theContinue reading “Friday Favorites #9”

Friday Favorites #8

In nail polish Sally Hensen Miracle Gel is a God-send, guys. At least when it comes to nail polish. My friend/coworker introduced it to me and it’s my new favorite polish. I was able to get it to last a week with just a few touch-ups here and there. Can’t wait to go to CVSContinue reading “Friday Favorites #8”

Things I Bought That I Love: Treat Yo Self Gold Foil Print

I haven’t had time for much lately, but I’ve had some time to shop because apparently that’s what I do. A few weeks ago, I tweeted about possibly buying a gold foil print that said “treat yo self,” since that is my mantra. (Thanks, Parks and Rec!) Because my office has a gold theme, I thoughtContinue reading “Things I Bought That I Love: Treat Yo Self Gold Foil Print”

Friday Favorites #7

In television My fiance and I have been looking at houses, so I’m now obsessed with watching HGTV. I never knew what I was missing out on before, but I lovelovelove “Fixer Upper.” Joanna and Chris Gaines are a married couple who help other couples buy houses that could use a little TLC, then turn itContinue reading “Friday Favorites #7”

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

I wrote a super-easy tutorial for making your own Sharpie mugs, over at Positively Smitten! I included lots of tips I’ve collected from reading various Pinterest tutorials over the years. These tips are tried and true. You can make your own Sharpie mugs for the holiday season, as a gift for a special occasion, orContinue reading “DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial”