Friday Favorites #11



Technically, everything in my list this week is a DIY, but we’ll start with this from Momtastic—it’s a giant game of Yahtzee for the backyard! I’ve never seen anything like it, but the dice seem easy enough to make, and I’d kind of love the option of playing when I have family over.

In nail art


If loving nails intentionally painted to look like sprinkle doughnuts is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

In accessories


I love the look of this necklace, from the color blocking to the bow. Polka Dot Chair has a great tutorial to make your own using felt balls. So cute.

In beauty


While searching for ideas for what to get my mom for Mother’s Day, I found this citrus sugar scrub from from Delia Creates. The printables are probably my favorite part, but I also love that this sugar scrub is pink and smells like grapefruit, lemon, or orange!

What are your Friday favorites?



Friday Favorites #10

In home decor


Since my fiance and I have been looking at houses, I’ve been really into home decor and renovation ideas, especially from Pinterest. I love, love, love this look for an unfinished basement! Most of the houses we’ve seen did have unfinished basements, but I don’t exactly have the cash to really do anything about that at this point—so this look, from Bees Knees Bungalow, is a lovely reminder that your basement doesn’t need to be “finished” to be a great space.

In beauty


My latest Birchbox was full of several incredible things, including Harvey Prince Hello body butter. The smell alone is to-die-for.

In swimwear


It’s almost swimwear season, so I’ve been looking into getting a new suit I feel really great in. I’m head-over-heels with the entire selection at Modcloth (even if some of the suits are a tad pricey). This ice cream swimsuit is one of my favorites.



I recently discovered the blog P.S. I Made It. I love the way the blogger visually lay out their DIY tutorials—first with a collage, then with a very easy guide to accomplishing the craft. This tutorial for a “marble” tray caught my eye. It’s a really cheap alternative to using actual marble and, prior to this, I didn’t know a thing like “marble contact paper” actually existed. I found a cheaper alternative than the one the blog mentioned, and oh my god I’m excited about things like marble contact paper. Who am I?

What are your Friday favorites?



Friday Favorites #9

In blogs


I’ve found my new favorite blog: Delicious Designs. It combines two of my favorite things—food and home decor—in a highly visual blog. Since I’m in the market for a new house, I’m loving all of the home decor inspiration. The food is a nice touch, too.

In ladies


Tell me this isn’t the most badass picture you’ve seen of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, feminist hero!

In art

3This print, designed by Courtney Myers, is to-die-for cute.



I’m oddly attracted to this mirror. But when I found out it was created for only $19 and that it was made entirely from compacts from the Dollar Tree, I loved it even more.

What are your Friday faves?



Friday Favorites #6



I’ve heard about “washi tape” for a while but, for the life of me, I didn’t “get” it. Although I still may not “get” it entirely, this infographic did help.

In weddings


I’m engaged, but I’m not looking to have a traditional wedding. Still, I occasionally enjoy looking at wedding photos, and I especially love this brightly colored event!

In television



In articles


I appreciated these seven career tips for introverts like me! They resonated with me, especially the tips to bookend the day with self-care and know what drains you.

What are your Friday Favorites?



DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

I wrote a super-easy tutorial for making your own Sharpie mugs, over at Positively Smitten! I included lots of tips I’ve collected from reading various Pinterest tutorials over the years. These tips are tried and true. You can make your own Sharpie mugs for the holiday season, as a gift for a special occasion, or even for yourself! Check it out by clicking the link above, or the photo below. And don’t forget to pin!


Friday Favorites #4

In television


Over the weekend, I binge-watched the new Netflix show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” starring former “The Office” star Ellie Kemper, and I loved every second. Created by Tina Fey, the show has the absurdity and wit of “30 Rock” (right down to Jane Krakowski’s Jenna Maroney-esque character, Jacqueline Voorhees) and the heart and humor of “Parks and Recreation.” You’ll recognize lots of famous faces who make an appearance on the show, including Jon Hamm and Martin Short, but it’s Tituss Burgess, who plays Titus Andromedon (pictured), who steals the show. 

In articles


Each week, I look forward to reading the latest edition of Shade Court by Jezebel writer Kara Brown. In the series, she takes companies, brands, and others to task for their use of the word “shade.”



My fiancé and I recently nixed our end tables on either side of the couch because they kept accumulating clutter. I don’t regret it, but I do miss having a sturdy surface for my drinks. I’m thinking we could use something like this adorable DIY striped drink perch from blogger François et Moi.

In photography


I’m using this blog as a place to try to get better at photography. It’s a slow process, especially since this is just a small, side project, but I’m doing what I can. I have saved and pinned tons of tutorials for getting better at taking pics, but I hardly ever get around to reading them because they all seem complicated. Which is why I really enjoy this tutorial from Glitter Guide! Just 5 steps for taking better Instagram photos. Here’s to improving my low-lit pics!

What are your Friday favorites?


DIY Long Necklace Tutorial

I’ve been waiting for my chance to turn an old pearl necklace into a pearl necklace accentuated with a ribbon for quite some time. One of the first pins I ever saw was this:


And I was immediately like, “Yes, self, you need to do that.”

For whatever reason, I never did, until I recently, when I ended up with two pearl(ish) necklaces from Miss A that I needed to alter. It’s probably one of the easiest DIY tutorials you’ll stumble across .

DIY Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

What you need:

  • Necklace
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers (optional)



Step one: Decide how long you want your necklace to be, and cut your ribbon accordingly. There is no exact science to this, but make sure you leave a little extra room, since you will be tying the ends.

Step two: Slide the ribbon through the metal clasps on either side of the necklace.


Step three: Tie a knot to secure the ribbon.

Step four: Trim the ribbon as close to the knot as you can.

Step five: Remove any excess parts, such as a clasp you may no longer need.


Cute, right? Looking back, I wish I’d added the embellished bow like in the first image, so I may go back and do that. Otherwise, I’ve worn this necklace a few times and even received some compliments. Give it a shot!


Friday Favorites #3



I love this look. Someday, I will try it and hopefully pull it off—and I’ll use this fantastic tutorial by Yarns and Buttons to do so!

In art


This gorgeous art would add some color and vibrancy to any room. Plus: it’s made from recycled pallets.

In fashion


I think this is an old picture, but it’s the first I’m seeing it, and now I can’t stop thinking about Naomi Campbell in this dress. [Insert 100 heart eyes emojis here.]

In office decor


This is everything I want in an office. It comes from Just Bella Blog, and it’s beautiful. As I decorate my office at work, I know I’ll be referencing it. I even ordered some gold polka dots to put on my wall at work! Follow my Home and Office Decor board on Pinterest to see what other decorating looks inspire me.

What are your Friday Favorites?



The DIY Sugar Scrub Pinterest Pin That Failed Me

This was supposed to be a post about how wonderful DIY Sugar Scrubs are. It was supposed to show off my DIY prowess. It was supposed to be a super Pinterest-friendly article that I secretly hoped others would share. It was supposed to be a cute-if-somewhat-cheesy post that would play on the fact that the blog is named Sugar Crystal.

It is none of those things.

Now, it’s a post about how much sugar scrubs are not for me.

Like, I understood the basic concept of what a sugar scrub was and is. I understand that combining sugar and olive oil would make a concoction that’s supposed to both exfoliate and moisturize my skin. For months, I’ve been seeing these “easy DIY Sugar Scrub” tutorials on Pinterest.

But I never bit. I didn’t love the idea of putting olive oil on my body because I hate that filmy feeling that’s left on my skin after I try to wash it off.

Yet I decided to ignore that and power forward, especially after my friend recommended using it to get my skin extra silky and smooth. I was like, okay, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna make my own sugar scrub. I even found a recipe that replaced the olive oil (which squicked me out) with almond oil (which just sounds better), and used brown sugar, and was intended to smell like vanilla (which is my favorite scent). Plus, hundreds of pinners on Pinterest must be on to something, right?

So here’s the simple recipe I followed:

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup almond oil (which you can get from Amazon)
  • 1 tsp real vanilla extract
  • Cute container to put it in


(The pictured container is not the one I ended up going with, because it was too big.)

The directions were equally simple: thoroughly combine ingredients in said cute container.




(I even added an adorable pattern to the container to make it extra appealing.)

Then use while in the shower, and experience super silky skin forever!

This is what I was anticipating, at least.

Instead, when I went to use this scrub while in the shower, I ended up slimy. Because guess what? Almond oil leaves that weird, slick feeling on my skin after I use it, the same way olive oil would. Like, how did I not know or realize that? How had I deluded myself into thinking, “nah, it’s cool, that oily feeling won’t drive me absolutely bonkers the way it has in the past”?

I blame Pinterest. Pinterest makes you think you can do anything.

And I think the sliminess — or softness? — is the point, kind of? The oil is supposed to moisturize your skin or something. But it just felt bad, to me. I am sure there are plenty who disagree, but I hated the feeling so much that I ended up dumping the rest of the sugar scrub down the drain while in the shower. Now my shower is so slippery that it’s a fight for my life every time I go in there.

The thing is, technically, the scrub works. It smells great, and it exfoliates, and it “moisturizes” (if that’s what you want to call it). Thus, if you’re in the market for a really simple sugar-and-oil scrub that you can make at home on the cheap, this tutorial is it.

But me? I think I’ll stick with my cocoa butter and not stress so much about exfoliating, thankyouverymuch.