Friday Favorites: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

It’s been a while since I did a Friday Favorites—but I need to talk about one of my all-time favorites, “Gilmore Girls.” The revival just came out today and I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

Spoilers ahead!

Things I Loved

  • Lorelai and Luke finally (!) get (!) married (!). Teenage me is squealing. Almost-thirty me is also squealing.
  • That “it’s-always-been-you” moment between Luke and Lorelai. Because to Luke, Lorelai is the only person who’s ever mattered.
  • Lorelai’s favorite Richard moment. It was a good story. I’m glad she shared it with her mother.
  • Rory’s struggling career. When the original show aired, I related to Rory so much—a not-so-popular bookworm who yearned to be a journalist. I loved seeing someone I connected with on television. I loved seeing her chase after her dreams. In the revival, though, I liked seeing her struggle a little. She accomplished a lot, yet still felt she hadn’t accomplished enough. I liked seeing that. It’s hard out there. I liked that it was hard for her, too. I liked that she was flailing, insecure, and unsure of herself. I like that her life wasn’t what she had imagined. I liked that she felt she deserved better—because I get it.
  • The wedding. I wish we’d gotten to see the full thing (more on that below), but what we got was beautiful and perfect and made me real emotional. It was so incredible finally seeing two characters I’ve rooted for for years finally get their happily-ever-after.
  • Emily. Her grief was so palpable. Watching her go through the stages of grief felt natural. I keep thinking back to that scene where Richard’s in the hospital and Emily demands that he let her die first. It makes sense that, after 50 years of marriage, she would be devastated by his loss and that devastation would manifest itself in a multitude of ways—trying to purge, trying to start over, lashing out at people she cares about, starting fresh. She has to learn to live again, on her own. I enjoyed her arc (and that larger-than-life painting of Richard).
  • Richard. The entire storyline revolving around the loss of Richard was emotional and handled so well. I loved when Rory kissed Richard’s portrait with her hand and said hello. I loved the references to him and his drink carts. I thought the show honored Richard well.
  • The flashbacks. I thought they might be a little heavy-handed, but I loved the way they wove some of the older scenes into the show. I was touched when Rory returned to her grandparents’ empty home and could see them sitting at the table, and a scene later, watching him typing at his desk in the study. Talk about a punch in the gut.
  • Paris. I’ve always loved Paris (as infuriating as she could be at times) and I loved seeing her on my screen again. I only wish there had been more.
  • Emily yelling “BULLSHIT.” In the middle of a DAR meeting. And then quitting the DAR. And moving to Nantucket. And becoming a museum docent. And learning to be on her own.
  • The confirmation that Christopher is a terrible father. I already knew that, but I’m glad everyone else knows it, too.
  • Lane has a dad!
  • Hep Alien. Still doing their thing forever, please.
  • Lane and Zach performing at a secret bar. And THE SECRET BAR.
  • Townie stuff. I always love townie hijinx, so I enjoyed the town meetings, the town square festivals, and the Kirk endeavors (especially the movie and the Ooober).
  • A return to comfort. I’ve described this show to others as being like wearing a warm blanket. The revival was no different. And, after a not-so-great few weeks, I was grateful for the return to Stars Hollow.

Things I Didn’t Love

  • Not seeing the full wedding. Logistically, I get why they couldn’t film it. But after all these years, I think we deserved both weddings: the elopement and the full, big wedding, with all of the incredible townies we’ve grown to love. I at least wanted Sookie there for the elopement. And Jess. I also wanted to see Lorelai’s wedding dress and I wanted the satisfaction of seeing Emily see Lorelai get married.
  • Not enough Sookie. There’s never enough Sookie, and I couldn’t be more disappointed that Sookie was only in one scene. It was a nice scene, sure, but I found Sookie’s disappearance and new job a bit unbelievable. SOOKIE ST. JAMES, one of the greatest chefs of all time, LEAVES COOKING BEHIND? And her best friend? And her business? And her goddamn husband and her family (maybe, since they don’t really explain how that all works)? It doesn’t feel right.
  • Not enough Paris. Mostly because there’s never enough Paris. But I really wanted more to her story. I didn’t love her freakout over Tristan (who was RECAST and also who never graduated from Chilton so never should have been invited to an alumni event). I wish the freakout had merely been about the being-back-in-high-school-and-having-old-feelings-resurface because that I can understand. But Tristan wasn’t even that big of a deal outside of season one and early season two. I also wanted more from her storyline with Doyle. Like, is Doyle just going to be a douche pandering to Michael Bay forever?
  • Not enough on Lorelai and Emily’s relationship. Although we got a decent amount of screen time on it—through therapy and the fights at the house—I didn’t feel satiated. I liked the authenticity in the sense that tense mother/daughter relationships are not ever really “fixed.” However, one thing I loved about the season seven finale was the moment when Richard, Emily, and Lorelai are saying farewell at Rory’s graduation party. Lorelai says she wants to continue with the Friday night dinners, even sans Rory. It warmed my little heart. But, in the new series, all of that’s disappeared. I know it’s because season seven wasn’t part of ASP’s vision, but I liked the progress of Lorelai’s relationship with her parents. So, I’m a little disappointed that the series had to end with Lorelai asking for money—again. And that it leads to a visitation arrangement—again. I get that it was supposed to mirror the first episode, but given all that’s happened over the years, I didn’t love it.
  • Not enough of Lane and Mrs. Kim. I really wanted to know more about what she was up to. How did her kids grow up? Were she and Zach doing well? (It seemed like yes, but a bit more would have been nice.) I liked to imagine her eventually running the music shop. I don’t know. I wanted something. I also wanted to see Mrs. Kim with her grandkids. There weren’t nearly enough Lane and Mrs. Kim moments. Justice for Lane, guys.
  • Not enough Jess. I’m not even a huge Rory/Jess shipper, but JESUS CHRIST. He’s doing so well and he’s all cleaned up and he looks so good and he’s clearly still into Rory.
  • Logan’s existence. FUCK YOU, LOGAN.
  • The cheating. What the fuck, Rory? I mean, yeah, OK, Rory cheats; it’s kind of her thing. But she didn’t even feel a little bad. Love yourself, Rory!
  • The Life and Death Brigade. I am full of so much hate for how much of the episode this shit took up.
  • That MUSICAL. It was 7,000 minutes too long.
  • ASP’s personal feelings inserted wherever possible. We get it, ASP. You hate technology and social media and millennials and fat people. But you love hats. Horrible, ugly hats.
  • Not enough, period. Goddamnit, guys, four episodes was not enough.

Questions I Had

  • Where was the beloved introduction? I wanted to sing along to that Carole King theme song I’ve heard a zillion times.
  • Is Rory kind of a bad person?
  • Is Paris also pregnant? (She says she missed a period!)
  • Did we really need that Jack Smith storyline?
  • Did Sookie move out of Stars Hollow?
  • Why did Emily say to Lorelai that she’d see her the following Tuesday for therapy in the winter episode, but then we don’t see them in therapy until the spring episode when flowers have already bloomed?
  • Who wrote the letter?
  • How is it possible that ASP intended for Rory to end up pregnant at the conclusion of the original series? Pregnant at 21? What? Why? And, how dare you?
  • Those were the final four words? (I preferred my husband’s prediction, which was, “Let’s get some coffee.”)
  • Will we get a season two? Please say yes. Because I’ve never had enough “Gilmore Girls” in my life.

I just really love this show and I’m happy it came back.


Friday Favorites #15

Some of my favorites from this week!



I’m all about a nice bouquet of flowers for no reason at all. These beautiful flowers really spruced up the living room and helped make me feel like spring was here (even though is snowed this week).

New England

I usually love New England best in the fall, my favorite season. But on Tuesday, I appreciated it because it could take us from dreary winter morning to beautiful spring morning in the course of just a few hours. Doesn’t get better than that.



I’ve been waxing poetic about social media and I ain’t gonna quit just yet. This week, at work, I helped launch our brand on a new platform—Snapchat! It’s been so much fun learning, researching, and exploring something new. I’ve been looking into tons of best practices, seeing what other colleges/universities are up to, and (best of all) getting to brainstorm some ideas to try. Plus, I LOVE THAT LITTLE GHOST.

What were some of your favorite things this week?


Friday Favorites #14

Here are a few things I’m loving this week.



Specifically, one puppy who is not such a puppy anymore. This week, my dog, Obi, turned four years old. (I’ll be sharing the recipe for the “cupcake” AKA meatball that we made for him on this blog next week!)

Social Media


I work in social media, which I feel grateful for because I love it so much. So I was really excited to be able to attend the HighEdWeb New England conference today and learn even more about it! I really loved all of the social media-focused sessions, including one by Dave Tyler on Twitter chats (which I tweeted through!), who encouraged us to “Be not afraid. Prepare. Have fun.”

One of my favorite takeaways (from a different session byLori Packer/@LoriPA) was this quote.

Social media is not a driver of traffic. It’s a destination in its own right. 

I want to frame it and hang it right in my office as a reminder.


Got this 100% Human button after the keynote address!
Got this 100% Human button after the keynote address!

And, speaking of that HighEdWeb conference, I keep thinking about the talk from keynote speaker Dave Cameron, who told us all to #sharehuman. There were many excellent points in his talk, but he kept reiterating that we should shake the notion of being authentic and instead strive to be human. And not just human, but HUMAN—Honest, Unafraid, Mindful, Active, and Nice. I was inspired by the way he essentially encouraged everyone to create, give, and above all, share. #ShareHuman, in fact. I’ve been trying to do that myself, through this blog, through the previous blogs I’ve run (like this one and this one), through Twitter, through Instagram, and even through personal, creative endeavors that I haven’t shared. I love the idea of sharing—your ideas, your thoughts, yourself.

What are some of your favorites this week?


Friday Favorites #13

In home decor


Edison light bulbs certainly aren’t new, but they are new to me. We just ordered a set of Edison bulbs for the dining room light fixture (which looks eerily like this photo!) and I can’t wait to put them in. They’re going to gorgeous and turn something simple like a light bulb into a fun accent piece for your home.

In travel


Recently, my husband and I booked a Disney World vacation. This time, we went all out, booking a package straight through Disney. It was not only affordable, but it came with a bunch of perks, like these adorable MagicBands that I’ve secretly always wanted! Ahhh. Countdown till Disney: three weeks!

In food


Have you tried these egg-shaped peanut butter M&Ms yet?! They’re SO GOOD. I’m embarrassed to say how many I’ve eaten lately, but they’re a sweet little indulgence.

In social media


I’ll admit that I’ve only recently gotten into Snapchat, but I’m doing my best to familiarize myself with it for work. I’m obsessed with the filters, and I can’t stop laughing at how silly they are.


What are some of your favorite things this week?


Friday Favorites #12

In blogs


I’ve already written about Cupcake’s Clothes, but I love this blog. Georgina mostly posts fashion, but she also offers a few lifestyle posts, too. It’s got the perfect aesthetic and I’m totally jealous.

In music


How amazing is Rihanna’s latest album?! I can’t stop listening to it. If you haven’t yet, check it out on Spotify!

In food

chicken bbq

My new favorite place to eat is Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ. They have incredible food, from pulled pork, chicken wings, and brisket, mac and cheese to corn bread, and even some desserts (like apple crisp!). There are two barbecue sauces to choose from—sweet and spicy—and the sweet is undeniably the best. I love a great place to eat!

In politics

If you haven’t seen John Oliver’s takedown of Donald Trump yet, you should. It’s a must-watch—especially given the results of Super Tuesday. John Oliver delivers the info in a funny way, so you won’t cry as much!

What are your favorites this week?


Friday Favorites #11



Technically, everything in my list this week is a DIY, but we’ll start with this from Momtastic—it’s a giant game of Yahtzee for the backyard! I’ve never seen anything like it, but the dice seem easy enough to make, and I’d kind of love the option of playing when I have family over.

In nail art


If loving nails intentionally painted to look like sprinkle doughnuts is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

In accessories


I love the look of this necklace, from the color blocking to the bow. Polka Dot Chair has a great tutorial to make your own using felt balls. So cute.

In beauty


While searching for ideas for what to get my mom for Mother’s Day, I found this citrus sugar scrub from from Delia Creates. The printables are probably my favorite part, but I also love that this sugar scrub is pink and smells like grapefruit, lemon, or orange!

What are your Friday favorites?



Friday Favorites #10

In home decor


Since my fiance and I have been looking at houses, I’ve been really into home decor and renovation ideas, especially from Pinterest. I love, love, love this look for an unfinished basement! Most of the houses we’ve seen did have unfinished basements, but I don’t exactly have the cash to really do anything about that at this point—so this look, from Bees Knees Bungalow, is a lovely reminder that your basement doesn’t need to be “finished” to be a great space.

In beauty


My latest Birchbox was full of several incredible things, including Harvey Prince Hello body butter. The smell alone is to-die-for.

In swimwear


It’s almost swimwear season, so I’ve been looking into getting a new suit I feel really great in. I’m head-over-heels with the entire selection at Modcloth (even if some of the suits are a tad pricey). This ice cream swimsuit is one of my favorites.



I recently discovered the blog P.S. I Made It. I love the way the blogger visually lay out their DIY tutorials—first with a collage, then with a very easy guide to accomplishing the craft. This tutorial for a “marble” tray caught my eye. It’s a really cheap alternative to using actual marble and, prior to this, I didn’t know a thing like “marble contact paper” actually existed. I found a cheaper alternative than the one the blog mentioned, and oh my god I’m excited about things like marble contact paper. Who am I?

What are your Friday favorites?



Friday Favorites #9

In blogs


I’ve found my new favorite blog: Delicious Designs. It combines two of my favorite things—food and home decor—in a highly visual blog. Since I’m in the market for a new house, I’m loving all of the home decor inspiration. The food is a nice touch, too.

In ladies


Tell me this isn’t the most badass picture you’ve seen of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, feminist hero!

In art

3This print, designed by Courtney Myers, is to-die-for cute.



I’m oddly attracted to this mirror. But when I found out it was created for only $19 and that it was made entirely from compacts from the Dollar Tree, I loved it even more.

What are your Friday faves?



Friday Favorites #8

In nail polish


Sally Hensen Miracle Gel is a God-send, guys. At least when it comes to nail polish. My friend/coworker introduced it to me and it’s my new favorite polish. I was able to get it to last a week with just a few touch-ups here and there. Can’t wait to go to CVS and nab a few more colors!



I’m kind of obsessed with emojis. My favorite is the heart emoji, which I overuse and also kind of aspire to be like. Two Christmases ago, my fiance bought me a colored pencil/watercolor set that I decided to put to use by making myself some emoji art to hang on my corkboard in my office. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s kinda cute.

In fashion


Lauren Conrad revealed photos from her newest Kohl’s collection, which is inspired by Minnie Mouse. It’s ultra twee, full of polka dots and primary colors (which I think is a step away from Lauren’s typically muted palettes). Minnie Mouse is one of my favorites, so I’m into this!

In art


I’m really loving this print from LightandDarkShop on Etsy. It combines my love of Starbucks frappuccinos with my love of floral prints.

What are your Friday favorites?



Friday Favorites #7

In television


My fiance and I have been looking at houses, so I’m now obsessed with watching HGTV. I never knew what I was missing out on before, but I lovelovelove “Fixer Upper.” Joanna and Chris Gaines are a married couple who help other couples buy houses that could use a little TLC, then turn it into something magical. Joanna has an incredible eye for design, and they’re a pretty adorable couple!

In decor


Gold foil prints all day, every day, please.

In music

This song is incredible. I’m obsessed with Janelle Monae, and her new song “Yoga” is everything.

In art

True. #art #burgers
True. #art #burgers

I went to a delicious burger bar in Springfield, Mass., recently and they had this art on the wall. It’s exactly how I feel about burgers.

What are your Friday favorites?