Friday Favorites #12

In blogs


I’ve already written about Cupcake’s Clothes, but I love this blog. Georgina mostly posts fashion, but she also offers a few lifestyle posts, too. It’s got the perfect aesthetic and I’m totally jealous.

In music


How amazing is Rihanna’s latest album?! I can’t stop listening to it. If you haven’t yet, check it out on Spotify!

In food

chicken bbq

My new favorite place to eat is Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ. They have incredible food, from pulled pork, chicken wings, and brisket, mac and cheese to corn bread, and even some desserts (like apple crisp!). There are two barbecue sauces to choose from—sweet and spicy—and the sweet is undeniably the best. I love a great place to eat!

In politics

If you haven’t seen John Oliver’s takedown of Donald Trump yet, you should. It’s a must-watch—especially given the results of Super Tuesday. John Oliver delivers the info in a funny way, so you won’t cry as much!

What are your favorites this week?