Things I Did (and Wore) in April 2018

I’m happy. I’ve been feeling like I’m at a great place in my life—with my husband and my dog, of course, who are my lights—but with everything else, too: work, friends, family, me. Things just feel good and I’m trying to savor that feeling. My therapist has been trying to help me be more positive (Lizandra, you’d be so proud) and I feel like it’s been working. Maybe it’s the sunshine or maybe it’s just that life can just be pretty great sometimes. All I know is I want to bask in this.

That said, I haven’t been taking as many outfit photos lately, especially as I’ve been working hard to get my spending under control (thus, less new clothes to show off). But I did nab a couple of photos!

Here are some of the things I wore in April.


I really like this dress, which is a great combination of loose and cute and also it has pockets which you all know that I love.

Outfit details

  • Dress: 25 Central
  • Leggings: Old Navy
  • Boots: DSW


It took me a while to wear this outfit as I feel like it’s the most I’ve ever shown off my belly. Let’s be real: I’m fat, and my polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) makes it so that I tend to carry my weight right in my stomach. So, it took me a long time of staring at this dress (a gift from my mom) in my closet before I finally gained the courage to wear it out.

I wore it.

And nothing bad happened!

I even felt pretty good in it. I am always seeing these amazing plus-size beauties on Instagram showing off their belly, so why not me? It may not be an all-the-time thing for me, but I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body. It’s taken me nearly 30 years to realize that, and I definitely still struggle (especially with feelings about my upper arms and back), but I’m working on it.

Outfit details

  • Dress: LuLaRoe (thanks, ma!)
  • Tights:
  • Boots: DSW
  • Cardigan: Forever 21


Okay, so, this isn’t a typical “what I wore” photo, but I did wear this makeup, and I loved it. I never wear lipstick, but I think I could! On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided to toy around with some of the makeup that’s been piling up in my vanity (a combination of Ipsy gems and my impulse purchases).

Surprisingly, I loved this red matte lip.

Then I decided to venture even further out of the box and go for a red glitter lip, because why not?


Makeup details

Plus, here are things I did in April, which included:

  • Savoring every magnificent moment of Beychella (and then obsessing over it, talking about it, thinking about it, listening to other people analyze it, and loving it all over again)
  • Listening to new music, including the Cardi B and Chloe x Halle albums
  • Finally meeting up with April, my longtime Tumblr/Twitter friend, as she visited Brown in Providence (I love the internet! Thanks for bringing me such great friends!)
  • Finished a lovely, wonderful project at work called “Building Bridges”, which was aimed at bringing people together across their differences and celebrate the diversity in this big, beautiful world
  • Took advantage of the first nice day in April with my husband and visited our favorite winery
  • Had dinner with Bill and two wonderful (new to me, old to him!) friends
  • Spent some quality time with my friends and their hilarious, adorable kids
  • Ate some pie because of some good work news (which I can share soon!)
  • Petted dogs at work because of course
  • Tried to go to People’s Court (yes, the TV show), failed, and turned the day around by stopping by Milkcraft for some incredible ice cream


A great April and I’m ready for May, an upcoming vacation, and turning 30!


Things I Bought That I Love: Urban Decay Eye Liner and Essence Lash Princess

I love makeup, but I’m pretty bad at applying it. For years, I swore by Avon’s Glimmersticks for eyeliner and whatever drugstore mascara I felt like buying and called it a day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but, in recent years, I’ve grown restless trying to find a better eyeliner and mascara for my daily look—so restless, in fact, that I was strictly no-makeup for a bit. (I may return to it. Who knows?)

I found a few worthy contenders (including benefit They’re Real! Lengthening MascaraMaybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner; and ColourPop Crème Gel Liner), which were all great.

But now I’ve gone from great to OH MY GOD, which is the dream.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (in perversion) and essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara (in black) have become my go-to eye products and I’m so excited to have reliable products that actually last and look good on me that I had to gush.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Important things to know about my face before I dive in: I have hooded eyelids that tend to give me trouble with eyeliner on my top lid. Despite using matte primer AND a layer of nude eyeshadow, the eyeliner I typically put on my top lid is mostly gone by the afternoon.


I made it through an entire workday and subsequent holiday party without it wearing off! What kind of witchcraft…?

This eyeliner offers the smoothest application I’ve ever experienced. It goes on like I imagine smudging soot would, except this is more controlled and overall better (obviously). One of my biggest complaints with the Colourpop gel pencil liner was that sometimes the soft tip would break off when I was applying it (probably because I don’t have much finesse).

But this isn’t like that. It’s heaven on my MFing eyelids.



This is what the eyeliner looked like around 3 or 4 p.m. (nearly the end of my work day) and just before I left for the holiday party. I’m still very clearly wearing eyeliner! And you can see it! And it’s not all smudged! All good things.

This eyeliner is well worth the $20 (and the extra $10 for the sharpener, too).

essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

I’ve always wanted long, luscious lashes. Who hasn’t?! But, alas, my eyelashes are stubby and it is what it is.

There have been tons of different types of mascaras I’ve tried—mostly of the drugstore variety, but also a few that I’ve received from my Ipsy subscription, too—and none have ever really made an impression on me.

But I read about the essence Lash Princess mascara on Reddit. I saw a before/after photo of someone using it and desperately wanted to try it, too, and I was ultimately sold when I saw the price tag (less than $5!).

YOU. GUYS. I have eyelashes!

Here’s the brush:


Pretty straightforward (though I did nab two other types of essence Lash Princess mascaras that I’m eager to try, too).

The result is pretty good for me, though! The eye on the left (my right) has mascara; the eye on the right (my left) doesn’t.



Not bad, yeah?

It certainly makes me feel kind of luxurious, and sometimes that’s all that matters.


Although my makeup skills are not beauty guru-level, there’s something so satisfying about finding a product that works for you. I’m pleased! If you give these a shot, let me know what you think!


Things I Bought That I Love: Winky Lux Flower Balm

Sometimes I just like to treat myself to something pretty. The Winky Lux Flower Balm is exactly that—a lovely lipstick that’s also fun.

It’s coconut scented (which is one of my favorites), and the clear balm reacts with your skin’s pH levels “uniquely creating the perfect shade of pink lips just for you,”, according to the website. If that’s not enough, there’s also a flower (chrysanthemum) in each.

The packaging is fun and I love that the lipstick looks like a pill. The $12 lipstick comes in pink, green, and yellow; I opted for pink.

Get yours here.


To All the Birchboxes I’ve Loved Before

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I love Birchbox. I post a photo of my box every month after I unpack it (see above and don’t judge me for the fact that some of them have poor lighting and possibly an overuse of the Nashville filter).

Unfortunately, my February 2015 box was lost in the mail (I’m convinced my mail carrier mis-delivered it, as she does all the time, and the person who got it kept it because WHY WOULDN’T YOU?). I spoke with my local post office about it and they said there was nothing they could do; I spoke to Birchbox about it and they said they’d either (1) get a replacement box in the mail to me right away, free of charge, or (2) reimburse me for the box I never received!

And so I kind of love them even more.

Truthfully, I’m probably not part of Birchbox’s target demographic. I’m not a makeup/beauty supply guru, not by any means. I buy my hair and makeup products almost exclusively from drugstores, Target, and e.l.f., even now that I’ve been exposed to the wonderful world of high-end beauty products. Occasionally I’ll order online (like for my Deva Curl hair products) or I’ll venture into Ulta.

Mostly, though, I’m cheap, and I can’t much tell the difference between a $20 or $7 mascara.

I also don’t wear much makeup, and even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t really know how or where to start. If I’m being honest, some of the time I don’t even use or try everything that comes in my monthly Birchbox.

But I still love it. Each box is an exciting, surprising little gift waiting for me around the 10th of the month! Birchbox has introduced me to the world of dry shampoos and long-lasting eyeliner and hair masks and Miss J and their incredible smelling Beauty line.

Thanks Birchbox! You’re rad.