Let’s Do This, 2019

2018 was good to me. It is weird to feel like you’re thriving personally while the world is sort of crashing around you. I’m not immune to the terrible things that happen — but in my personal life, I’m happy and things are actually going well. Last year, I vowed to live 2018 with lessContinue reading “Let’s Do This, 2019”

Living Without Fear in 2018

The end of 2017 is here, and I imagine there are many of us who are pleased to say farewell to the year. While I had many moments of personal triumphs, some days, it was hard to exist as a woman of color in Trump’s America. Nevertheless, I persisted. Nevertheless, we persisted. As a society,Continue reading “Living Without Fear in 2018”

2015 in Review and 2016 Resolutions

I usually get to the end of the year and think of all the ways it was rude to me. But this year, I’m thinking of all the ways life was good to me. In 2015, I…   Love Thy Selfie 2015 And a few of my favorite selfies of 2015! In 2016, I vow…Continue reading “2015 in Review and 2016 Resolutions”