All Bellies Are Good Bellies; All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Just a reminder for the soon-to-be mamas—especially plus-size or fat soon-to-be mamas—out there, in case you needed to hear it… In case some people have made you feel like your baby bump isn’t desirable Or it’s too big Or it’s too small Or it doesn’t “pop” the way it should Or it “pops” a littleContinue reading “All Bellies Are Good Bellies; All Bodies Are Good Bodies”

Baby Showers: Over the Moon with Gratitude

I’ve been feeling super grateful lately, especially as I’ve celebrated Baby C with not one but two baby showers recently. Truth be told, I was dreading my baby shower. I do not do well as the center of attention in a room full of people where all eyes are on you. That’s one reason BillContinue reading “Baby Showers: Over the Moon with Gratitude”