What I Wore (and Did) in November 2018

It’s so far away from November that I barely remember what I wore or what I did, so I’m keeping this one short and sweet. The month flew by in a whirlwind for reasons I’ll share soon (but not yet) and somehow, it’s literally the end of December and 2018. Unfortunately, I didn’t get manyContinue reading “What I Wore (and Did) in November 2018”

Outfits of July 2016

July has been a busy month so far. My husband and I have been keeping busy each weekend with things to do. We’re actively trying to make the most of our time by getting out and doing more (at least when we feel like it!). We’ve recently taken a day trip to the beach; saw “Ghostbusters” (whichContinue reading “Outfits of July 2016”

Outfits of the… Month?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted what I wore. Not for any reason other than I wasn’t loving having to post repeat outfits. (Seriously.) Here are some of the things I wore in May and June. Outfit details Dress: Fashion to Figure Shoes: Payless How cool is this dress? Forever obsessed with CowCow. OutfitContinue reading “Outfits of the… Month?”

Outfits of the Week: May 2, 2016

How is it May already? And why is it so cold even though it’s May? Like, it’s so uncharacteristically chilly and gray and rainy and sad that I’m starting to feel like I may never see the sun again. Sun, where are you? I miss you. Come home soon. Here’s what I wore this week.Continue reading “Outfits of the Week: May 2, 2016”

Outfits of the Week: April 10, 2016

Is it spring yet? I’m over this cold weather, so I’m praying for warmer days. I’m really tired of wearing leggings/tights with my dresses. At home, we’re changing our second bedroom into a workout room and moving all of our clothes into the bedroom, so fingers crossed that helps with lighting for outfit photos! IContinue reading “Outfits of the Week: April 10, 2016”

Outfits of the Week: March 27, 2016

It was my last week before heading to Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which means it was automatically a good one (even if I did stay home one day this week sick). PLUS. I MET LAUREN GODDAMN CONRAD. More on that another day, but it was a good fucking week. Here’sContinue reading “Outfits of the Week: March 27, 2016”

Outfits of the Week: March 13, 2016

Things I did this week: Finally booked my honeymoon (ahhh!) Pitched the launch of a Snapchat account for the College where I work Attended my very first conference Primered the dining room because apparently we’re going to be painting this house until I die Here’s what I wore. On Sunday, my husband and I celebratedContinue reading “Outfits of the Week: March 13, 2016”

Outfits of the Week: March 7, 2016

It was a pretty great week both at home and at work. Some highlights: my Walt Disney World MagicBands arrived (!!); I bought three new pairs of cute flats; I bought some adorable pins (see my post on Monday for details!); my parents visited and helped my husband and I install all new light fixtures in theContinue reading “Outfits of the Week: March 7, 2016”

10 Spring Fashions for Plus-Size Women

I’m loving this warmer weather in New England. Spring is my favorite time for fashion because the colors are always wonderful, I love florals, and it’s finally time to wear dresses without leggings or tights! Here are some of my favorite ways to “wear” spring (inspired by this post). #1 – Beg Your Garden Skirt,Continue reading “10 Spring Fashions for Plus-Size Women”

9 of My Favorite Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

My first foray into fat fashion was through the Livejournal community Fatshionista several years ago. It was there that I started to see fat girls like me share their outfits through OOTD (outfit of the day) photos. They were beautiful, and they all loved fashion. The community encompassed a lot of things, especially when it wasContinue reading “9 of My Favorite Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers”