Review: Miss A Jewelry

Miss A is an accessory shop, particularly specializing in jewelry, where almost everything is $1. Seriously. From their earrings to their necklaces, bracelets to hair accessories, most of the items sold on Miss A will run you just $1 each. Of course, there are a few things that are slightly more expensive — their charm shop,Continue reading “Review: Miss A Jewelry”

Review: Mystery Goody Goodie Bag

It was through Lauren Conrad’s Instagram account that I discovered, a hair accessories-turned-stationary/office supply/general cute accessories shop. My first purchase included these super-cute pens and a tumbler. I loved both purchases (although the pens don’t write that well) and have been checking the stock on their site pretty frequently. There are so many things things I wantContinue reading “Review: Mystery Goody Goodie Bag”