Outfits of October

Last October was excellent, but this has been the best October ever. Not only did I get to honeymoon with my husband, we also got to celebrate Halloween with an incredible weekend at the historic Deerfield Inn for dinner and a spooky ghost tour around Northampton, Mass. October is the best month of the year,Continue reading “Outfits of October”

25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

I still consider myself relatively new when it comes to wearing scarves. They aren’t exactly my go-to accessory, although I do have an okay collection. I just tend to gravitate to necklaces—or nothing at all—before I opt to wear a scarf. Part of that is because, aside from infinity scarves, I often don’t know howContinue reading “25 Ways to Tie a Scarf”

Things I Bought That I Love: Dog Scarf

If a dog is involved, chances are I’m gonna love it. After getting my dog, Obi, two years ago, I’ve morphed into a Crazy Dog Lady. Like, I am convinced that any dog I see on the street is my new best friend. And there’s a chance I have said I would like to have an entireContinue reading “Things I Bought That I Love: Dog Scarf”