Posting on Snapchat for a Living

Okay, so I don’t exactly post on Snapchat for a living. But, that is part of my job—and I’m excited to share that an article I wrote about Snapchat was published by Higher Ed Experts! The article provides tips for other social media managers, like me, who may want to launch a Snapchat account for their college or institution.

I loved that the article picked up a little traction on Twitter (so exciting to me!), and that a lot of my co-workers threw their support behind the piece by sharing it on their own social media accounts. I work with such a good crew. ❤

If you’re interested, you can read the article here. Tweet me @crysmaldonado to let me know what you think!


Friday Favorites #15

Some of my favorites from this week!



I’m all about a nice bouquet of flowers for no reason at all. These beautiful flowers really spruced up the living room and helped make me feel like spring was here (even though is snowed this week).

New England

I usually love New England best in the fall, my favorite season. But on Tuesday, I appreciated it because it could take us from dreary winter morning to beautiful spring morning in the course of just a few hours. Doesn’t get better than that.



I’ve been waxing poetic about social media and I ain’t gonna quit just yet. This week, at work, I helped launch our brand on a new platform—Snapchat! It’s been so much fun learning, researching, and exploring something new. I’ve been looking into tons of best practices, seeing what other colleges/universities are up to, and (best of all) getting to brainstorm some ideas to try. Plus, I LOVE THAT LITTLE GHOST.

What were some of your favorite things this week?


Friday Favorites #13

In home decor


Edison light bulbs certainly aren’t new, but they are new to me. We just ordered a set of Edison bulbs for the dining room light fixture (which looks eerily like this photo!) and I can’t wait to put them in. They’re going to gorgeous and turn something simple like a light bulb into a fun accent piece for your home.

In travel


Recently, my husband and I booked a Disney World vacation. This time, we went all out, booking a package straight through Disney. It was not only affordable, but it came with a bunch of perks, like these adorable MagicBands that I’ve secretly always wanted! Ahhh. Countdown till Disney: three weeks!

In food


Have you tried these egg-shaped peanut butter M&Ms yet?! They’re SO GOOD. I’m embarrassed to say how many I’ve eaten lately, but they’re a sweet little indulgence.

In social media


I’ll admit that I’ve only recently gotten into Snapchat, but I’m doing my best to familiarize myself with it for work. I’m obsessed with the filters, and I can’t stop laughing at how silly they are.


What are some of your favorite things this week?