Things I Bought That I Love: Winky Lux Flower Balm

Sometimes I just like to treat myself to something pretty. The Winky Lux Flower Balm is exactly that—a lovely lipstick that’s also fun.

It’s coconut scented (which is one of my favorites), and the clear balm reacts with your skin’s pH levels “uniquely creating the perfect shade of pink lips just for you,”, according to the website. If that’s not enough, there’s also a flower (chrysanthemum) in each.

The packaging is fun and I love that the lipstick looks like a pill. The $12 lipstick comes in pink, green, and yellow; I opted for pink.

Get yours here.



Things I Bought That I Love: Lillian Crystal Necklace

For a little more than a year now, I’ve been following Yasi, the fashion blogger Hello Gorgeous on Instagram. She’s definitely been a style inspiration to me and I’ve always been especially obsessed with her necklaces.

Recently, Yasi announced the opening of her store, Hello Gorgeous Boutique—which sells the iconic necklaces she wears!

I snatched up the Lillian Crystal Necklace, available for $28, from Hello Gorgeous Boutique. Get yours here.


Things I Bought That I Love: Luke’s Diner Pin

What better way to celebrate the return of “Gilmore Girls” than with a Luke’s diner pin?

Well, you could also celebrate it with a Luke’s diner mug (for your husband); a Dragonfly Inn mug (for yourself); some coffee and Pop Tarts; and a marathon of the show with friends. (Check, check, check, and check.)

But the pin is pretty great, too.

It comes from You Silly Duffer on Etsy and is currently on pre-order for $8. The packaging it comes in is cute and the pin is even cuter. Get yours here.




Things I Bought That I Love: Polly Pocket Pins

When I was little, I loved Polly Pocket. I had a bunch of the teeny, tiny dolls, as well as the houses they came with. One of my favorites was a castle that actually lit up. (I think I spent more time turning that light on and off than I did actually playing with it.)

And, while these pins don’t come with a castle that lights up, they’re pretty damn cute.

Get your own here. (They’re currently sold out, but you get them on the next pre-order!)


Things I Bought That I Love: Beyoncé Pin

There are few things I love more than Beyoncé.

And, there are few things I love more than The Office.


So I honestly couldn’t resist adding this pin to my collection.

The pin is from Heartificial on Etsy and featured adorable packaging, including a personalized note on the envelope that read, “Thank you Crystal. I hope you wake up every day feeling like Beyoncé. Have the best day ever! I believe in you!” (Totally made my day.) I’m already coveting this Pawnee Goddesses pin and this Luke’s Diner pin.

Get yours here.



Things I Bought That I Loved: CowCow Cupcake Dress

I fucked up. I found a new dress company that makes cheap but adorable printed dresses. And printed dresses are my goddamn weakness.

CowCow sells the best, affordable dresses on And I need them all. I started with one—this cupcake dress—but I literally have about 20 dresses sitting in my cart right now.

cupcakedressI’m officially about to be broke.

But at least I’ll look cute.

Get your own cupcake dress for only $17.99 (!!).


Things I Bought That I Love: Luke’s Diner Sign

I’m obsessed with “Gilmore Girls.” There’s no other way to say it. I could probably rewatch the series from now until the end of time and not be sick of it.

And Luke.

Backwards-cap-wearing, lumberjack-esque, good-with-his-hands-and-in-the-kitchen Luke.


But I digress.

I love “Gilmore Girls” so much that I’ve gotten my husband into it and we’re on our second rewatch. And I wanted to find a way to pay homage to the show in our new home without being over-the-top (even though I am, admittedly, over-the-top in life).

So this is our first piece of artwork for the kitchen.

I love it. It’s available on Etsy from StarCrossedDecor (YES, a shop dedicated to “Gilmore Girls” items!). Get your wood-grain Luke’s sign ($12.95), or go with the traditional Luke’s sign (each $16.95). Enjoy.


Things I Bought That I Love: AOL Pins

I was obsessed with AOL as a teenager. Like, it basically ruled my life. I was immersed in the world of ‘zinesonline magazines just like this one—and even involved in a few. I co-founded one called Backstreet’z Cheezeballz with my bestie, Liz. It was a “humor”-based Backstreet Boys ‘zine, which featured pictures and information about the best boy band ever, BSB. KTBSPA!

I helped out with a Christina Aguilera fan zine called Not a Virgin, Not a Slut run by my wonderful friend, Kim.

I wrote for a lifestyle ‘zine called Gloss Magazine and an entertainment magazine called StarShine. 

I was part of an exclusive inner circle in the Backstreet Boys fan-fiction world that emailed fan fiction chapters out week by week. In all, I emailed out two-and-a-half stories. (Two completed; one unfinished.) I even won an award for “Best New Writer.”

I was in chatrooms and played Nickelodeon games and made websites and learned about coding and writing and absorbed endless facts about the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. My favorite AOL website was one called Who Da Man?, a BSB fansite that focused on humor. I would read it and laugh until I cried.

And when AOL was no longer a thing, I used AIM well into my teen years. It was where my now-husband first asked me on a date.

I loved everything about AOL, but mostly, I loved the friendships I made, several of which I maintain to this day.

So really, how could I not purchase these pins?


I got these from Patti Lapel for $24. A perfectly reasonable price for something that made me smile so big. Get your own here.


Things I Bought That I Love: Dollar Store Edition

I’m a fiend for the Dollar Tree and I don’t care who knows it. It fulfills all of my money-spending needs without actually forcing me to spend that much money. During my latest trip, I found a bunch of cute things that I loved! Like…

These notebooks!


I’m a goddamn monster when it comes to notebooks. I literally cannot get enough and I have a hard time not buying cute ones. These two came in a pack together, and they have cute (if cheesy) quotes on them, and the letters are holographic. HOLOGRAPHIC.

And these notebooks!


See? Told you. Can’t resist. These pocket-sized notebooks came in a pack of three. The patterns were irresistible.

And this cookbook!


What’s not to love about a Disney princess-themed cookbook? Especially when it has tea party recipes. I actually really want to make these recipes, if for no other reason than to say I prepared some Disney princess-inspired food. Also, doesn’t that kind of make me an honorary princess? Here’s what it contains.


I’m especially pleased that this cookbook includes Tiana and Pocahontas, although I wish it also had Mulan. (Can’t lie, I’m kind of excited about Cinderella’s pumpkin muffins, though!)

What are some of your fun dollar store finds?


Things I Bought That I Love: The Book Fair Nostalgia Kit

While looking up ’90s-inspired gift ideas for my cousin, I stumbled across something called “The Book Fair Nostalgia Kit.” I thought only one thing: I must have it.

It’s a collection of book-related items, including a vintage book popular in the ’80s or ’90s, meant to tap into that Scholastic Book Fair nostalgia.

And with me, the Scholastic Book Fair nostalgia is strong. Those book fairs were essentially the best part of my life as a child. First, I received the flyer, where I’d pore over all of the books, reading each description, and circling each and every book I wanted to read.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Then I’d skim through the flyer again and reaffirm that my choices were great. They always were. By the time the book fair itself rolled around, I could barely pay attention to my classwork. The book fair was happening, people!

They’d clear out the cafeteria and set up the book fair, which I’d go to as soon as I could. I’d rush through the fair, completely forgetting about my list, grabbing more books than I could hold, and then spending a painstaking amount of time determining which ones I’d take home (while also deciding I also needed bookmarks and pens and whatever other items they might be selling).

I always walked away with an armful of books, thanks to a wonderfully generous grandma, who fully endorsed my obsessive reading habits. For me, it was heaven.

So you can see why I needed this nostalgia kit. It’s an item available from an Etsy shop called sweetandlovely, based out of Princeton, NJ. For $16, I got:

  • A pencil (mine was SCENTED and smelled like STRAWBERRIES)
  • An eraser
  • Three bookmarks (BOOKMARKS! The kind you could get at the Scholastic Book Fair!)
  • A handmade button with stickers
  • A handmade reading list booklet
  • A hand-stamped canvas carrying case
  • A vintage book (mine was The Baby-Sitter’s Club #31, “Dawn’s Wicked Stepsister”)

As someone who was clearly obsessed with those goddamn childhood book fairs, and as someone who loved the BSC as a kid, this was a total win for me. The handmade items were well crafted, the pencil was SCENTED, and the (used) book was in excellent condition. Pretty much the only downside was the fact that I couldn’t peel off the adorable “I love reading” sticker that came on the outside of the package.

Get yours here.